Beverly Meyer - The Music Lady

It has been a very exciting time getting reconnected in classroom visits. Thank you to all the centers that found a way to make it happen through the early spring and into the end of the school year. Our summer is looking fantastic and has just a few dates open. Please contact me for a summer date.

I will start booking for the fall during the mid-summer.  Not knowing what restrictions (if any) will be in place in the fall, I will still be open to offering a combination of On-Line Concerts and Workshops, pre-recorded and "live" through Zoom, as well as in-person visits. We will find a balance, I am sure of it. Whatever you are most comfortable with, I will be flexible to offer what I can. 

Certified Trainer for Miregisty

Beverly The Music Lady

We are happy to announce that I am now a certified trainer for MiRegistry. On line and in person workshops will be available for you to gain some training hours and music knowledge at the same time. Look for event details or contact me to book a training directly. You can also look me up on the MiRegistry website at

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Booking for 2021

Virtual Visits

We have successfully found the balance to get back into the classroom since March 2021. With a nearly full summer ahead, we are peeking at what fall will look like. 

We will continue Virtual Visits through "live" Zoom visits and our popular pre-recorded shows.

Our "Build A Music Rainbow" is a 30 minute interactive show available immediately for your group in the classroom or on-line to enjoy for two weeks. For less than the price of an in-person visit, this is a great alternative.



In Person Visits

Preschool  Classrooms and Summer Camps

Beverly is available for in-person visits. During the summer months, outdoor is the way to go. I am fully vaccinated and am comfortable singing inside, with a mask or shield. My summer is filling up quickly, but still has a few dates available. We are ready to talk about fall dates and find a good option for everyone. 

Senior Living Facilities

Beverly has been providing joyful sing a-long sets for Assisted Living, Memory Care and Independent Living facilities since August 2019. When the pandemic hit, we took the show outside, then as things locked down for the winter months, Beverly was happy to return in March 2021. Inside or outside, Beverly offers an eclectic mix of songs everyone loves to sing along with as well as some snappy tunes that make the day brighter. Residents and caretakers alike look forward to Beverly's big voice and joyful demeaner. Contact is today for more information and to book your date.


Virtual House Concert

Beverly Meyer Music Zoom Party

Have a friend or family Zoom meeting coming up? Want to make it special? Invite Beverly Meyer for a concert. Celebrate a special occasion. Beverly will share her singer/songwriter set. Have everyone provide their own snacks and beverages, sit back and enjoy in this one-of-a-kind event.

Driveway or Backyard listening shows are also available. Beverly will come to you, with a small sound system. You invite the neighbors and friends, everyone listens and enjoys on a and evening of great music and social distance gathering on a lovely summer evening. Contact me today.

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