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new recording

We are excited to announce we are in the midst of my first recording of my Singer-Songwriter songs. Six songs from the past few years, a nice variety of tunes. If you would like updates about the latest or to find out about how to hear these tunes once they are ready, click on the button below. 

Singer Songwriter, Beverly Meyer is a soulful writer and performer that draws from her vast experiences through a 30 year career in music. Her songs are insightful reflections of everyday experiences. Inspiration can stem from a glorious piece of pie, to a worrisome night waiting for her love to return. She weaves beautiful melodies with her outstanding vocal prowess that leaves you simply wanting to hear more.  Writing the songs is something she takes great care and joy in creating, but performing the songs is where the real magic happens. Influenced by performers who can draw the audience in and capture the moment, she  studied the styles of legends in jazz , pop, blues and folk.  Spinning stories and conversations about her songs brings a charming flare to performances that audiences enjoy. The songs speak for themselves, crafted from real life and transform ordinary moments into memorable melodies.

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Are You Interested In Hosting a House Concert?

Easier than you may think

House concerts are the perfect way to gather your friends for an intimate evening of your favorite artists. Set up as a listening room  concert, invite friends and family to your home, backyard, any space, really. Serve some snacks, set up some chairs and Beverly will bring the music, the stories behind the music, the love and joy of performing right into your living room. Feel the room reverberate with her beautiful voice and enjoy the "pin drop" moments, complete with your listening audience, experience the magic Beverly brings to each performance. 

For more details, contact me direct and we will get you all set up. Email: beverlymeyermusic@gmail.com and find a date that will work for you.

Join me as I sing two of my songs from my Singer-Songwriter set. This event is a showcase of 10 of our members and many good friends. We will each hit the stage with two songs and some love and support of other members. This showcase is our 20th anniversary as a benefit to Trinity House Theatre. Please buy your tickets early and bring friends, we would love to make it a full house. Please go to the Trinity House website and purchase your tickets soon before we sell out!