Virtual Visits

Music Lady Classroom Zoom

If you are meeting in class but cannot have visitors yet, this is a perfect alternative. All the fun of a Music Lady visit on screen and in your classroom. 

If you would like to have a Family Night and cannot gather yet, consider a Family Concert Zoom. Your families can log in, you can provide them with activity bags to keep everyone engaged and it every one can enjoy some time together. 

We have worked tirelessly to make our Virtual Visits as smooth as possible with great lighting, fun backgrounds, and really great sound. That makes the fun shine through even brighter and invites everyone to join in. 


Contact me today ask and set up a date to join The Music Lady Zoom Today!

Musical Tales of tails video

Booking for summer Reading

Our Summer Reading Program 2021 will be available as a pre-recorded program. This engaging 30 minute video will feature favorite animal songs, fun musical games and word play all with animal tails. 

We will also offer this as a "live" virtual program through Zoom AND as a LIVE In-person show either outside the library or inside, when it is safe to do so. Contact us today and get your date set!