Silver Linings

March 12, 2020 was the last day the life I worked 25 years to attain, instantly vanished. Like everyone on the planet, the COVID-19 Pandemic directly impacted our lives forever. After mourning the loss of the life we knew and the tours and future gigs we had worked so hard to book, we had to figure out what our program would look like while we, and the rest of the world, entered into The Great Pause. Finding silver linings each day seemed impossible at first, but slowly, they started to emerge. For the first time in years, I was rested. My voice was completely healed and able to reach notes I hadn't heard in at least 5 years. We are healthy (that's a big one, every day!) Then, when I was just starting to emerge from the fog, Marc suggested we try a little "Live At 5" song on Facebook Live Stream. No make up, barley brushed my hair, just tuned my guitar, I sat in front of the computer screen and put on a big smile and sang The Monkey Song. That one song started us down the rabbit hole of live streaming. Through the great, the bad, the super bad, the ugly and the "okay, I think we've got this" we have learned so much about a side of our industry we avoided for too many years. Now, 6 months in, I find myself making decisions, creating a routine and taking care of business in a whole new light. I still awake with nightmares and experience anxiety like I've never known, but I refuse to stop looking for the silver linings that keep me going each day. This school year looks very strange so far, but we are going to try everything we can to remain positive and move forward. No matter how many steps back we have to take, no matter how many crazy walls get in our way, we will find a way through this. We may get a little weary at times, but those silver linings are just around the corner, as long we keep looking.

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